Looking for a gude in Esztergom?

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Our guides have a deep knowledge about Esztergom and surroundings, they can guide you all along the Danube Bend, including Visegrád, Szentendre and Budapest. Since Esztergom lays at the border between Slovakia and Hungary, two different countries are part of Esztergom's surroundings which can easily be visited even during a one day trip.

Our guides are also well prepared to present the collection of the most important museums in the area. These museums are

in Esztergom: the Tresury of the Esztergom Cathedral, the Medieval Castle, the Christian Museum,

in Visegrád: the Matheas Palace, The Visegrád Castle, the Salamon Tower.

These are the languages spoken by our guides: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Dutch.